Charlie’s Barn

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I’ve been an automotive enthusiast for 45 years.  Projects come, projects go, some get finished nicely, some just pass through.   The  following vehicles, projects and parts need new homes.  You get the parts you need, I get some resources to help finish another project.

Check them out. Location: eastern Idaho, where it is high and dry.

4 thoughts on “Charlie’s Barn

  1. Jon Harloe

    Hey Charlie
    Jon over in Boise here.
    I’ve recently acquired a 65’ Saab 95 “S” ( special )
    It was specked from factory with the Monte Carlo GT 3 cylinder two stroke motor, triple carb..
    I’m wanting to find a good running V4 I can drop in and make it run..
    Do you have a good V4 complete engine ?
    Or know where to find one ?
    Thanks !!
    Jon Harloe


    1. marmot46 Post author

      Hi Jon,
      I have good V-4’s in good cars. I have several V-4’s which are rebuildable cores. I had both 2-strokes and V-4’s when they were new. The transes are different, the 2-stroke runs at a much higher RPM, so you actually need both the engine and trans, and maybe the front springs too ( weight difference). Is your 2-stroke OK? There is nothing like the scream of a 2-stroke! It also kept the cars light and agile.


    2. Pete Carson

      Please dont. Thats a rare car and you need to cut a hole to put v4 in it.
      Can help you with restoring a 3 cylinder engine or maybe buy it from you as is.
      Thanks Pete Carson


      1. marmot46 Post author

        Hi Pete,
        I have not listed any two stroke cars on my site for years. The comment about a 2-stroke 95 is from a guy in Boise, and I think I talked him into fixing the two stroke engine he has. Or where you looking at the sonnet II? It is set up for a V-4 from the factory. Just haven’y gotten to it yet….Charlie


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