1986 VW Quantum Synchro Wagon, low miles, real nice.

I got this car from a friend in Jackson, WY. It was her Dad’s car, which he bought new. and drove during his retirement.  He was a master cabinet maker and very fussy about his equipment, so it is in REALLY nice shape.  After he passed, it mostly sat in my friend’s driveway, since she had a minivan for the kids, and her husband used a pickup.  Eventually, the battery died, but they could start it. After a while longer, it wouldn’t start either.  Since she knows I’m into VW and Audi cars, she called me up and we made a deal.   When I checked it out, I saw the odometer was at 72,000 miles– I asked if that was accurate, and she said it probably is, her dad used a pickup for work, and the car for going out.   I had to replace the battery and the fuel pump, and it is a great runner!  It runs and drives  like a new car. The suspension, shifting,  and handling are all still firm and crisp.   I wish my 86 Audi Quattro was still this good!  Doesn’t use oil, gets good mileage, around 26-28 and is a really handy little all wheel drive wagon. It is peppy, but geared taller than my Quattro, so it gets up to speed a little slower, but gets better gas mileage.

The Tech:  5 cylinder VW/Audi  2.2L engine; 5 speed manual trans.  Front and rear vacuum locking differentials, just like a Quattro.  Sunroof. Heat and AC works well!   Nice upholstery and carpets. Factory roof rack.  Rear sliding cover for things behind the rear seat.  The rear seat looks like it was never used. It folds down so you can carry longer objects or sleep in the back.  “Snowflake” Mag rims. I has a silly donut spare, so I bought another Snowflake mag and put a full size spare on it. Unrusted Wyoming car, now on an Idaho title.   I have a timing belt kit but have not yet installed it.   Maybe this winter. I’ve had the car for about 3 years.

This car apparently has an early color coat/clear coat paint job, and the color is fine, but the clear is peeling in spots.  It is possible to fix this at a body shop.  I discovered that the right 5 digits of the ODO work fine, but the 1st digit on the left bounces all over the place– this week it says 472K– last week it was 272K– so I’m not sure of the exact mileage, but it sure runs and drives and looks like a new car.

I’m considering sell this because I have too much wheel estate.  However, these are rare and desirable and there is a following, the ” Synchronized”  Yahoo Group.  The very few which appear in t he market seem to sell in the $4000-$6000 asking range.


Vacuum locking front & rear differentials!


A little clear coat peel here and there on the roof and front hood.

Really nice upholstery!

Really nice upholstery!

IMGP5318 IMGP5319 IMGP5320 IMGP5321 IMGP5322 IMGP5324 IMGP5325 r.

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