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My personal drivers:

1972 green 2 door, my daily driver for 23 years, uses a little oil, some spotty surface rust, runs well. Engine rebuilt at 140K with TR-7 pistons +.030. It’s fast. The machine shop knurled the valve guides instead of replacing tham as I had asked, but I didn’t find out untill it was already together. It has 187K on it now, and smokes a little after going over Teton Pass, so the guides have probably loosened up some. I’ve had it on antique plates since it turned 30 and it goes out occasionally in the summer. Over the years, it’s had lots of maintenance, but less lately.IMGP2175

1971Saab Sonnet III

Traded this from a neighbor, between us we have owned this since college! Runs and drives well and it is solid!  Does anyone know of a manufacturer who can provide the proper Safari Green paint color?


SAAB Stories” 99’s for sale, 1971 to 1974

I’ve driven Saabs since the late 1960’s. I started with two-strokes, and when I moved to Idaho in 1976, I changed to Saab 99’s, some of which still run pretty well. Over time,   several neighbors have donated their oldies to the boneyard out behind the barn. I’d like to thin out the fleet a little, if someone makes it worth my while, and provides good homes. I have gotten a couple of sonnets which I’d like to re-do instead of 99’s.

For Sale:

Gilbert Grape:    1971  We drove this for a decade or so, then it went to a neighbor’s kid to drive to high school and college. When she got a 900, it came home!  Last run a year or so ago, front calipers are a little sticky and it will probably benefit from some fuel system cleaning.  Paint is weathering off.  Should be a fairly easy resto.  Looking for a good home.

Purple 99 LF.jpgpurple saab RF.jpg

1971 4 door white Saab 99, was a kids highschool car,  in pretty good shape body-wise. a little rust in the door bottoms, minor dingsIMGP2212.JPG. Decent interior, the engine runs on a drip bottle, and drips oil in a lot of places. It will need seals all around.  The gas tank pick up seems to be plugged, I can’t get it to run on the FI system, even though there is gas and the pump runs. I have a spare tank to go with it.


I’ll sell these when someone makes it worth my while and provides good homes.

SAAB Stories | charliesbarn | Vintage Sonnet projects

Saab Sonnets: possibly available, I still have one to finish.

1968 Sonnet II, minor rust, customized ( sunroof, rear window), no motor at the moment)

I’ve got a motor to build for it, maybe by late spring it will be running around again.  It probably should be considered a  “custom” Sonett now.  No, not for parts.


!971 Saab Sonnet III, rusty underbody, no engine or trans, tons of good other parts.

No, I won’t sell those  nice wheels alone.  This will need an engine, trans and some rust repair.  After I finish redoing my ’74,  I might sell this for parts, or sell my remaining parts with this body.  I also have an extra nose and tail section  from a green ‘7e sonnet.

Located in SE Idaho.


1974? Rusty Sonnett body, with reusable fiberglass, and actually the  metal pan has some good reusable panels which could be clipped out or used for patterns.   I’ll listen to reasonable offers on this, and I do also have the nose bonnet.


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Vintage VW’s

I’ve had VW’s, mostly air-cooled, for 45 years. A lot have been reconditioned, driven and sold over the years.  I have a large amount of parts and parts cars which I probably won’t need for finishing my own projects. Most of this stuff is western, but some have rust.  For sale to good homes. I also have listings with more pictures on the Samba.  I have a barn full of parts, I probably have what you need, if I can find it!     Rare stuff at rare prices,  I’m more negotiable on the rest.

61 Bug F 62 and 64 bugs 68 bug RF 68? bug LF 71 SuperB 73 SuperB

SAAB Stories | Charlie’s barn | Saab 99’s for parts or to fix

SAAB 99’s  parts cars and parts.

I have  spare used parts from a number of early 99’s, mostly 1971 to 1974, plus a few 1980 parts.  I also have a significant core pile of used engines and trans in the barn,  also  early 99, mostly  Stanpart engines.  One rebuilt 1974 trans which the owner bagged out on after hearing the bill…

Tan 1971 99'71 tan saab 99 F

Stuck engine, 4 door, good windshield, minor body damage,  could be fixed or used for parts.

Green 1974 99'74 saab 99

Stuck engine ( head leak), good trans, only a few parts missing,  some fender rust,  good pars donor,