SAAB Stories” 99’s for sale, 1971 to 1974

I’ve driven Saabs since the late 1960’s. I started with two-strokes, and when I moved to Idaho in 1976, I changed to Saab 99’s, some of which still run pretty well. Over time,   several neighbors have donated their oldies to the boneyard out behind the barn. I’d like to thin out the fleet a little, if someone makes it worth my while, and provides good homes. I have gotten a couple of sonnets which I’d like to re-do instead of 99’s.

For Sale:

Gilbert Grape:    1971  We drove this for a decade or so, then it went to a neighbor’s kid to drive to high school and college. When she got a 900, it came home!  Last run a year or so ago, front calipers are a little sticky and it will probably benefit from some fuel system cleaning.  Paint is weathering off.  Should be a fairly easy resto.  Looking for a good home.

Purple 99 LF.jpgpurple saab RF.jpg

1971 4 door white Saab 99, was a kids highschool car,  in pretty good shape body-wise. a little rust in the door bottoms, minor dingsIMGP2212.JPG. Decent interior, the engine runs on a drip bottle, and drips oil in a lot of places. It will need seals all around.  The gas tank pick up seems to be plugged, I can’t get it to run on the FI system, even though there is gas and the pump runs. I have a spare tank to go with it.


I’ll sell these when someone makes it worth my while and provides good homes.

2 thoughts on “SAAB Stories” 99’s for sale, 1971 to 1974

  1. marmot46 Post author

    Sold the two early bumper cars. Still have a number of 99’s, 2 are close to running. Rest are probably parts. Also, an accumulation of used parts , engine and trans cores, etc. which you get when you drive, maintain and wheel & deal in one vintage make for 40 years. For sale when someone makes it worth my while.



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