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Surplus tools & toys for Boys, Onan Gen

Military 3000W Onan Generator –WW II?

I got this generator years ago, and have used it at my cabin as back up power for a long time. It is a 2 cylinder, water cooled Onan, 3000W, 115V, crank start, with a magneto. In it’s prime, it would even start well in cold weather. A while back, it quit running, and I got a Honda gen with electric start.   I think it has low compression on one cylinder.

Neat resto project for the military buff or old-motor equipment guys.

I’ll listen to offers. It’s too neat to scrap.

An additional benefit: it goes pooka-pooka when running and calls in grouse very well!


Surplus tool & toys for Boys, huge snowblower and power unit.

Thinning the collection of items I don’t plan to use in the future.

You already missed out on the giant old planer that I got with the shop property.

Still have the remains of a vintage kit SAWMILL to go,  including some narrow-gauge RR iron & wheels, carriage uprights, and so on.

Vintage cement mixer, I used this for building  several of my buildings and garages, can be turned by hand or by the old lawnmower motor mounted on it. It will handle a half bag of cement or so.

Giant old truck or tractor mount snowblower: BROS equipment heavy duty single-stage snowblower, used to be mounted on a big Dodge military truck and run off a wisconsin engine, it really needed a bigger engine. Has gear box and driveshaft, and several chutes. If you need a serious snowblower and have a rig big enough to carry it, this is the tool! Very heavy! Not one of those tinny blowers to mount on a pick up. Asking $1200 cash this week, until Jan 8th. This is a good project for a guy who needs to clear a long drive and has a large truck or tractor. Very heavy duty!

I have a flathead 6 cylinder Dodge motor, army surplus, probably early to mid 1950’s with a stand, radiator and governor. It was designed to be a portable power source, it has a multi-sheave pulley hub on the  flywheel. I did a valve job on it years ago. Been stored ever since.  I was going to use it to power the big snowblower using hydraulic pumps, but my Meyers plow on a  pickup sufficed.   So, this is for sale too.

World War II 2 cylinder Onan back up generator, I used this at my cabin for years to back up the solar system.  Made a nice pooka-pooka sound that called in lots of grouse.  Eventually, I seems to have blown a head gasket, so I replaced it with a modern honda generator.  Shold be fairly easy to fix, for the vintage equipment buff.   120V/  probably 1500-2000W,  fairly easy on gas, water cooled, looks neat, has a handy lifting ring on the top!