Summer 2018 Resto project: 1965 VW

I rescued this bug from some kids in Jackson,WY about 30 years ago. It had belonged to the Elder family- some of you might recognize the name Jim Elder, he wrote articals for Car & Driver and Road & Track, plus he and Sava Malachowski  created the original winter safety video for WYDOT  “Driving on Ice”   ( no doubt inspired  by their  experience driving around Jackson Hole in winter in a variety of Volvos, Saabs and VW’s)      The kids  blew the engine and beat up the fenders a little, but only had it for about 3 months. I eventually found a good engine for it, knocked out the fender dents, primed them, and  put it on antique plates.  I would drive it some, and work on it a little here and there,  and it was fun but continued to look like an old kid’s car.  This spring, a friend discovered a semi-retired body man in Idaho Falls who likes to do smaller jobs for grub money in-between hiking and berry-picking expeditions. He did a great job on James’ Nissan.  I eventually prevailed on him to do the final finishing and paint work on my bug, no pressure, in his spare time.  The result is great!  Of course, I spent a lot of time on the car doing  the last mechanical chores and fix-up prior to the paint job… then I resembled everything, well cleaned and polished, after the paint job. And his price was very reasonable.



Now I can take it to the local auto events and park it with the “nice”  cars!

Nope, not for sale. Just  want people to know I do finish projects eventually.

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