Gilbert Grape/ 1971 Saab 99 for sale


This was our second Saab car for about 10 years, then I sold it to a neighbor for his daughter to drive to high school, then college. After she graduated, her grandma gave he a 900, so the 99 went to her dad’s place, where it mostly sat. When he moved north, it was traded back to me. After a few years of rest, I got it out this spring, drained the old gas, and got it running again. The front calipers are a bit sticky, and the fuel system should probably have more cleaning, but it runs OK and gets around. The tires have tread, but are also fairly weather checked, I would recommend replacement. The paint has weathered thin in a number of places, but this is a pretty solid western car. If you are looking for a good Saab 99 project, this could be it! Will load up easily on your trailer. Asking $1495 Located in south-eastern Idaho.

Contact: Charlie  at  idpv@ida.netIMG_3379IMG_3380IMG_3381IMG_3382IMG_3383

Also: further thinning the fleet: 1971 white Saab 99, ran but has been sitting for quite a while. Fuel pickup seems to be clogged, it will run on a drip bottle. I should have a good used tank to go with it. More of a project then the purple one. Needs a tie rod end bushing as well.  Minor rust in a couple of door bottoms.  $995


Bring a trailer.

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