Vintage Oliver 70 Tractor

A six-cylinder Oliver row crop tractor, circa 1938 to 1940 or so. It came with the place. I did a valve job on it perhaps 25 years ago, and used it for mowing.  Sold the JD mower.  NO three-point lift hitch, just a draw bar.   I’ve downsized to a riding mower!  It would crank start fairly easily, but the pin fell out of the crank and I haven’t made another yet. It actually does have a 12V starter, but I rarely used it!  Got a few extra parts from another–fenders, the remains of a rear end, couple of lights.  I have a set of the side curtains for the engine, found in a corral. They are beat up but could probably be restored. I do have the missing 1/2 of the front grille.  Haven’t run it in 6 or 7 years.  Should be a fairly easy restoration, or use it as yard art. Asking $900, might listen to worthwhile offers. Located in southeast Idaho. U Haul.

In researching the vehicle,  I was impressed by the prices old Oliver parts were bringing  on the web.  I’d prefer not to part it out.

IMGP0258 IMGP0259 Oliver 70 tractoroliver tractor spec sheet.png

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